The Presentations

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The Opportunity for Ethically Sourcing Private Brand – BJ’s Wholesale Club

Scott Williams, VP Own Brands & Quality,  BJ’s Wholesale Club

Scott Williams VP Own Brands & Quality at BJ’s Wholesale Club will present a look at how the retailer approaches ethical and sustainable sourcing and the private brand supply chain.


Seanna Rishor: Vice President of Private Label, Sobeys

Dan Rahi: Head of Private Brand Execution & Design,
Family Dollar

Steven Jennings, Stakeholder Relations & Brand Lead, Health & Sustainability, Ahold Delhaize 

Moderated by Christopher Durham: President, My Private

Christopher Durham will moderate a conversation with retailers about the challenges and opportunities for sustainability in private brand today.

Stories from the Field:  Ethical Sourcing and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Age of Covid

Paul Rice, President & CEO, FAIR TRADE USA

Rice will share insights from his 30-year Fair Trade journey, including how he views the link between sustainability and profitability, the impact of everyday purchases, the larger shift toward Conscious Capitalism and how his organization has recruited titans of private brand and retail to shift to a Fair Trade model.

Ending Period Plastic – a Conversation with Environmentalist Ella Daish

Ella Daish , Environmentalist

British activist and environmentalist Ella Daish will sit down with My Private Brand’s Christopher Durham to discuss her award-winning campaign to eliminate all plastic from menstrual products. The campaign calls on supermarkets and manufacturers to remove plastic from their period products. Ella is influencing the industry to make real changes and governments and councils to spend their period poverty funding on eco-friendly products.

The campaign has resulted in UK retailers Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Superdrug stopping the production of their private brand plastic tampon applicators, which collectively saves over 17 tons of plastic annually. Lil-Lets, Superdrug, and Morrisons have reacted to the campaign by launching and developing their own eco-friendly ranges.

Consumer Perceptions and Sustainability’s
Role in Our New Normal

Paul Nowak, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, QUAD

Can packaging to do more than sell and deliver products? The global pandemic, shifting attitudes toward social justice and environmental catastrophes have us all seeking ways to do more good. Is Sustainability one way for private brands to function in a more relevant, meaningful way?

Join Paul Nowak, Quad’s Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, for timely insights from proprietary consumer research studies, trends, current events, and more. He brings them all together to help us make sense of sustainability’s role in a moment where social consciousness is the highest it’s been in decades.

Winning on Sustainability in
the Age of Covid-19

Allan Dougall, VP Strategy & Client Service, The Fish Agency

Before the pandemic, retailers and their private brands prioritized sustainability with new practices and publicly pledging aggressive goals. With the emergence of Covid-19, protection from the virus has become the leading consumer concern. How can we now make packaging both sustainable and safe? And how can retailers demonstrate their commitment to meeting both these consumer needs?  Allan Dougall will share opportunities for quick wins, creating ‘sustainability hero’ categories and developing a long-term strategy.

Understanding Change, Engaging Suppliers and Saving Millions

David Taylor, Client Success Director, S4RB

Nicole Costantini, Commercial Manager, Valpak

David and Nicole will deliver a talk that presents a comprehensive view of the changing landscapes in packaging and plastics. Understanding how, if retailers act quickly and work efficiently with their supply base, multi-millions of dollars can be saved. This will include:

  • How to help private brand retailers understand upcoming changes in regulations and consumer behaviors. Discussing the potential multi-million-dollar costs they stand to face if they don’t act quickly. 
  •  A provide a road map for retailers to engage their supply base. Activating them in the changes required to enable a reduction in costs, improved recyclability and consumer needs addressed. All of which tailored to drive sales of their private brands.

Toxic Chemicals in Packaging – Risks & Opportunities for Private Brand

Mike Schade, Mind the Store Campaign Director, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families


Partnering Together:
Setting Mutual Sustainability Goals  

Brandon Wehmeyer, Director of Private Brands, Boxed

Brandon will moderate a discussion on how retailers and suppliers can work together to set and achieve private brand sustainability goals.

Making Imperfect packaging
Less Imperfect

David Ziegler-Voll, Director of Design & Creative, Imperfect Foods

David will be discussing how small improvements in packaging can add up to less waste. Additionally, he will be explaining how storytelling can be used to educate consumers on how to create less waste in their homes.

The Biggest Hurdle?
Internal Buy-in!

Eli Brown, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Sobeys

Jason Hobson, Creative Director, Private Label, Sobeys

Eli and Jason will moderate a discussion on private brand sustainability, focusing on internal buy-in challenges & opportunities.

It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Maria Dubuc, President, MBD

As we’ve shifted to a world more concerned with safety precautions over environmental efforts, some of the green acts are being challenged, especially in sustainable packaging. 

Does this mean we should stop our efforts toward sustainable initiatives? No! It’s the opposite! It’s now more important than ever for retailers and private brands to take a stand because of the added scrutiny of shoppers. 

What is a Private Brand’s obligation in owning what they create?

Katie Kelly-Landberg, SVP of Account Leadership, Periscope

This roundtable will explore both personal and corporate responsibilities for what retailers create and put into the world.

Evaluating the Social Impact of Private Brand

Sarah Binion, Sr. Director Impact, Research, and Learning at Fair Trade USA

From Data to Impact: How Fair Trade partners with private brands to research, measure, and evaluate social impact.